In the Galleries - July 17 to August 26

The opening reception on Friday, July 17, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.. is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Dorothy Graden will be presenting an artist talk / slide presentation titled ~ Archaic Magic as Background to Artistic Inspiration and Interpretation on Thursday, August 6 from 5 - 7 p.m.

Recent Works by Dorothy Graden
"Archaic Magic"

Liminal Spaces by Dorothy Graden

Dorothy is an award winning contemporary artist whose art is inspired by Ancient Visions. Many of these sites hold spiritual powers, and many are shamanic, although, some say her art looks futuristic. Some say it is Japanese Art inspired. For over 25 years she traveled through the American west to photograph and draw prehistoric rock art. These rock art images were incised, pecked, abraded and painted on cave and canyon walls and boulders. Rock Art has been found on every continent except Antarctica. Some sites are 30,000 years old.

Dorothy has presented her field work on rock art at the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow; at University College Cork, Ireland; and at the University of Innsbruck, Austria (2014). Her photographs have been published in the Theosophical Society's journal, Quest. She also presents lectures and exhibits her drawings and ceramic sculptures at various venues throughout the Midwest and the Chicago area.

The band Halo Moon will perform music inspired by the work of Dorothy Graden titled, Songs of Spirit, Nature and Life at the July 17th opening reception.

Dorothy Graden will be presenting an artist talk / slide presentation titled ~ Archaic Magic as Background to Artistic Inspiration and Interpretation on Thursday, August 6 from 5 - 7 p.m.

The popularity of ancient sacred and magical sites offers reassurance of another reality. Many of these sacred places are associated with a fundamental wisdom, divine and mystical, which people of today would like to recapture.

Dorothy will share where she gets her inspiration for her art. Her slide presentation is from photos taken during hikes of sites scattered from the Rio Grande, the river that divides the United States from Mexico, up to Central Montana. Most of the areas are arid regions that have interesting geological features – mountains, canyons, large boulders, dry river beds, volcanic remnants, buttes, and glacial lakes. The rock art dates from 12,000 BCE to 1800 CE.

Hoppy Hour – Hot Dogs & Beer will be available at 4:30 p.m. prior to the presentation. Please email or call 269-983-3688 if you are joining us for Hoppy Hour by August 5th.

Gabrielle Feldman
"CIRCUS: Her Last Series"

Trapeze by Gabrielle Feldman

The Circus Series, created by Gabrielle Feldman in her seventies and early eighties, was the culmination of two lifelong passions: a love of small, family-run circuses and a fascination with spectacle. Throughout her life Gabrielle collected books and paraphernalia related to these interests, including postcards, dolls, puppets, wind- up toys, and other automata, some of which are displayed in her art.

Gabrielle’s love of the circus, which began as a simple childhood enthusiasm, became a perennial attraction that stayed with her throughout adulthood. She was captivated by all its dimensions: its roots in commedia dell’arte, its aesthetic beauties, its marvels, and the tremendous labor and discipline it requires. Gabrielle’s circus is a kind of heavenly army made up of all God’s children—stuntmen and acrobats, spectators and animals, as well as everyday riggers and roustabouts.

Gabrielle Feldman (1925- ) is a Philadelphia-born artist who studied painting at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art (now University of the Arts). She began her career in fashion, first as an illustrator and later with a hand-painted couture line called Gertrude & Gabrielle. After a number of years devoted to photography, around 1980 she returned to her artistic roots: painting and drawing. Around the same time she and her husband left Philadelphia for some acreage nestled in the lakes and forests of Honesdale, Pennsylvania. For the next three decades, with this inspirational landscape as a home base, Gabrielle exhibited figurative work, still lifes, landscapes, and narrative paintings in the regional museums and galleries of northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Now retired, she has been living in southwest Michigan since 2012.

Berrien Artist Guild members
"A Really Big Shoe"

A Really Big Shoe by Berrien Artist Guild member

The Riverwalk Gallery will be devoted to the Berrien Artist Guild members show titled A Really Big Shoe. Using shoes as the subject, members are invited to create them: decorate them: paint them: paint pictures of the: photograph them and display them for your enjoyment.


Previously In the Galleries - May 13 to June 27


The MAAC is a multi-media competition open to residents of Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana and members of the Berrien Artist Guild.

Kali’s Wheel by Douglas La Ferle

Kali's Wheel by Douglas La Ferle


1ST PLACE - $300
Before The Moon Went Down by Janet Lucking

Before the Moon went Down by Janet Lucking


2ND PLACE - $200
Yesterday’s News by Ron Doyle

Yesterday's News by Ron Doyle


The distinguished jurors for this year's MAAC were Doug McCauley, Lem Montero and Michael Northrop.

Awards will be presented on Friday, May 15th at 6:30 p.m. to the winning artists at a reception to be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 15.

In addition there will be Merit Awards presented by local businesses and individual sponsors, and the Al Farmer Young Artist Award.

$300 award by Jan Sonneman - Up a Tree, by Charlene Long
$200 award by Twin City Camera Club - The Bridge at Aberdeen, by Rhonda Mullen
$200 award by Lakeshore Family Dental - Metis Long Coat with beaded bag, by Debra Eiswald
$200 award by DeVries Agency - Untitled Mixed Media, by David Labrum
$200 Award by Schaller Gallery - Into the Light, by Susan Sutherland Barnes
$200 Sponsor Award by Southwest Michigan Tourist Council - Mom's Hands, by Ron Doyle Al Farmer Young Artist - $200 award – Wise, by Ashley Hochstetler

The Opening reception on Friday, May 15th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. is free and open to the public,and is underwritten by the Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council. The exhibits in all three Box Factory galleries will continue through June 27th, with special Sunday hours from 1-4pm.


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