In the Galleries - March 27 to April 20

Inspiring Future Artists: Middle and High School Exhibition a school based, partnership program presented by Berrien RESA, Box Factory for the Arts, and Krasl Art Center.

Opening reception on Tuesday, April 7th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. is free and open to the public.

The Box Factory will be open on Sundays 1-4p.m. during this exhibit.

Next In the Galleries - May 13 to June 27

Michiana Annual Art Competition

Opening reception on Friday, May 15th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. is free and open to the public.


Previously In the Galleries - March 5 to March 25

2015 Celebrating Creative Kids / Inspiring Future Artist - Elementary Student Exhibits. A school based, partnership program presented by Krasl Art Center, Box Factory for the Arts, and Berrien RESA.

Opening reception on Saturday, March 7th from 12 noon - 2 p.m. is free and open to the public.

The Box Factory will be open on Sundays 1-4p.m. during this exhibit.

Previously In the Galleries - january 23 to February 26

K.V. Ratham’s photography in the Robert R. Williams Gallery; Indiana Women’s Caucus for Art in the Whitlow Gallery; Mary Amador’s Drawings / Pastels, and Benjamin Frank’s Ceramics in the Riverwalk Gallery.

Opening reception on Friday, January 23rd from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served; some of the refreshments will be cuisine from India.

K.V. Rathnam
"The Splendors of India Culture & Traditions"

Photograph by K.V. Ratham

The Splendors of India Culture & Traditions Photography Exhibit by K.V. Rathnam. K.V. enjoys communicating cultural traditions of India using art and photography. India’s cultural forms are obviously diverse and expressively colorful. From the sophisticated urban population to the unchanging rural people groups, tradition and culture tend to be a common denominator.

“Portraying rural folks in their daily pursuits of life, clad in their traditional and regional attire, are part of my genre”. Featured in this show are scenes from various parts of India including Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and New Delhi.

Indiana Women's Caucus for Art

Break of Day by Carol L. Myers the middle of the winter when WHITE is most on the mind. Members of the Indiana Women's Caucus for Art explore their personal responses to the color RED, each in the medium that best expresses her creative vision. Diverse and complex viewpoints enlarge on the simple theme of RED, inviting artist and viewer into conversation and connection. Adding to the richness of the experience is the diversity of artistic mediums used, including paper, paint, print, cloth, metal and photography. This exhibit will have an extended showing through Saturday, February 28th.

The Women’s Caucus for Art was founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA). The WCA is a national member organization unique in its multidisciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students, educators and museum professionals.

Mary Amador
"Parables Ingrained"

sculpture by Mary Amador

Mary practices what she teaches, as both an artist and an educator. She was born in Texas, raised in northern Indiana, and graduated from Herron School of Art in Indianapolis with a Bachelors of Arts in Education. As a veteran teacher of twenty-three years, Mary models creativity, inspiration, and diligence to her students at Concord Junior High School in Elkhart, Indiana. “It’s important for my students to see that I go through the same frustrations and decisions that they do”, she states. Mary specializes in mixed media, favoring colored pencil and acrylic paint on wooden panels and often incorporating found objects. She draws her inspiration from her children, and their images are the central theme in her works. Many of her pieces also contain religious references, both subtle and obvious. Mary exhibits her work locally, and she has won several awards for her work, including Best of Show at the MAAC, the Jonas Howard Memorial Award at the Midwest Museum of Art Regional Exhibition, and the 2014 Ann Hamilton Award for Inspired Teaching.

Benjamin Frank
Al Farmer Best Young Artist

ceramic sculpture by Benjamin Frank

Also exhibiting in the Riverwalk Gallery is ceramic artist Benjamin Frank. Benjamin was the winner of the Al Farmer Best Young Artist award at the 2014 Michiana Annual Art Competition. His favorite art medium is ceramics, sculptures in particular. The focus of his work has always been either fantasy or dark pieces. Most of his work depicts creepy animals or creatures. When creating a piece, he likes to use a shock and awe approach and create fierce artwork with intricate details to help his sculptures appear more realistic. He has done some 2D work in mediums such as graphite and charcoal, but enjoys creating sculptural art more. Benjamin has been accepted into Kendall College of Art and Design and plan to attend there in the fall.


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