In the Galleries - June 22 to August 4

Opening reception: Saturday, June 22, 4 - 6 pm

Michiana Annual Art Competition

Michiana Annual Arts Competition

The 11th Michiana Annual Art Competition (MAAC), held at the Box Factory for the Arts will open with an Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 22 from 4-6 p.m. The reception is open to the public and light refreshments will be served. The Awards Ceremony will take place at 5:30 p.m. on June 22 and artists will receive their prizes.

This year's competition drew 404 entries of which 226 works were selected by the judges.

The judges were:
Leslie Alexandria - Fiber Arts; Ceramics; Glass; and Sculpture.
Terry Armstrong - Painting; Watercolor; Drawing and Pastel.
Brett Maniscalco - Photography; Computer Art; and Mixed Media, Printmaking and Collage.

MAAC 2013 Best of Show - Problem Girls by Steve Hansen

$1,000 Grand Prize Winner – sponsored by the Berrien Community Foundation
Steve Hansen, Berrien Springs, MI, “Problem Girls.”

$200 Category Winners

Mixed Media – Mary Amador, Goshen, IN, “She Prayed She Wouldn’t Snap.”
Ceramics – Courtney Copenhaver, Mishawaka, IN, “Horned Vessel.”
Glass Art – Cynthia Fielding*, St. Joseph, MI, “Fiery Dragon 1.”
Drawing & Pastel – Dorothy Graden*, Eau Claire, MI, “Holy Ghost.”
Computer Art – Kevin Gross, Goshen, IN,“Autumnal Projections.”
Painting – Tim MacDonald*, St. Joseph, MI, “Cocktail Hour.”
Sculpture – Dora Natella, Granger, IN, “Uovo (Egg).”
Watercolor – Bobbie Stagg, St. Joseph, MI, “Tranquility.”
Fiber Art – Lauren Strach*, St. Joseph, MI, “Skeletons of the Garden.”
Photography – Marc Ullom, Niles, MI, “Evidence #43.”
Young Artist – Dustin Timm, Lakeville, IN, sculpture, “Decay.”

Honorable Mention Awards

Photography - Rick Bauer*, St. Joseph, MI, “Hoarfrost on Maple leaves.”
Photography - Tom Tackett*, Stevensville, MI, “Hiding in the Fog.”
Ceramics - Anne Blackburn, Mishawaka, IN, “Bottle of Life.”
Ceramics - Lynne Tan*, Stevensville, MI, “Sugar and Creamer.”
Painting - Diane Cheeseman, South Haven, MI, “Fluctuating.”
Painting - David Jay Spyker, Kalamazoo, MI, “Steam Engine.”
Drawing and Pastel - Dorothy Graden*, Eau Claire, MI, “Illumination Within.”
Drawing and Pastel - Rebeca Sinclair, Kalamazoo, MI, “Autumn Harvest.”
Sculpture - Rebecca Hungerford*, St. Joseph, MI, “Newgrange Teapot.”
Sculpture -Lynne Tan*, Stevensville, MI, “Trio in Disc Minor.”
Watercolor - Robin Maxon*, St. Joseph, MI, “Love Creek.”
Watercolor - Judith Rein, LaPorte, IN, “Jerusalem Market.”
Computer Art - James O’Haver*, St. Joseph, MI, “MicoBio Technology.”
Computer Art - Kevin Gross, Goshen, IN, “Vortices of Exuberance.”
Glass Art - Carolyn O’Hearn, St. Joseph, MI, “Cityscape.”
Glass Art - Eli Zilke and Margie Mattice, Benton Harbor, MI, “Taj.”
Mixed Media - Marcia Sindone, LaPorte, IN, “Preserved II.”
Mixed Media - Jacob Vanderheyden, St. Joseph, MI, “The Eyes of Lydia Corbett.”
Fiber Arts - Lauren Strach*, St. Joseph, MI, “What the Hummingbird Saw” and “Ravellings.”

$200 Merit Awards

Jerry Harty, Kalamazoo, MI, for his glass piece "Oegelsby" sponsored by the Water Street Glassworks.
Rick Bauer*, St. Joseph, MI, for "Hoarfrost on Maple Leaves" sponsored by the Twin City Camera Club.
Dora Natella, Granger, IN, for her sculpture "Oovo (egg)" sponsored by the Krasl Art Center

*Berrien Artist Guild Members

Preview Night

The purchase award sponsorship from previous years was replaced this year by a special preview night to purchase artwork in advance of the show. The preview night, available by invitation to previous Box Factory art patrons and Capital Campaign donors, is being underwritten by the Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council.


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